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Frequently asked questions

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How does PhysioTape work?

PhysioTape has the elasticity that corresponds with that of the skin, which allows a full range of motion. Because of this elasticity various subcutaneous structures can be influenced by a variety of taping techniques. By using various techniques PhysioTape is used to treat lower back strain/pain, sports injuries, growing pains, knee and shoulder conditions and many more. The tape can also be used to prevent injuries.

Are there any medicine in PhysioTape or is the technique decisive for the result?

PhysioTape doesn’t contain any medicine. The positive effects are created by applying the kinesiotape with the right techniques. To apply the right techniques it is necessary to use a perfectly developed tape that possesses optimum elastic qualities, is skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, latex-free, water-resistant and stays on for days while you perform your daily activities.

Is there any particular reason why there are different colors?

The only difference between the colors lies in the dye bath that is used in the production of the tape. The other materials are exactly the same with the different colors. The reason we have multiple colors is to meet the needs of our customers.

Can I apply PhysioTape myself?

Yes, it is possible to apply it yourself. Healthcare professionals have been teaching simple applications to their patients for years. When a more complicated application is required we advice to use professional help.

Is it possible to hurt myself when applying the tape incorrectly?

It is possible to apply the tape the wrong way, which may result in a uncomfortable feeling. In which case the tape should be removed and applied correctly. Therefor we advice to consult with a healthcare professional before applying the tape yourself.

Which precautions should I take before applying PhysioTape?
  • We advice to shave before applying the tape, because it must adhere to the skin to fully function. When the tape lies on hair it may have a negative effect on the result and may cause irritation as it adheres to the hairs.
  • The skin should always be clean. When the skin is greasy or oily the tape will not stick as it should and this will cause a negative effect on the result or will cause the tape to come loose.
Does your tape have latex?

PhysioTape is a latex-free kinesiotape.

Is it possible to shower or swim with PhysioTape?

The tape is water-resistant. Taking a shower or a swim does not cause the tape to let go. The cotton absorbs water, that is why we advice to be careful when drying yourself. Do not use a blow-drier or any source of heat and avoid sunbathing, because this may cause skin reactions.

I have damaged skin, can I still use PhysioTape?

Kinesiotape is not sterile and should therefor not be used when the skin is damaged. The skin must be able to endure the pressure that is created by the tape application.

How do I remove the tape?